Canadian Natural Health Products Regulatory Services

Submitting new natural health products (NHPs) for sale and distribution in Canada can be an overwhelming process.   Companies often wonder whether their product is an NHP, Food or Drug.  Applications for NHPs must include both a product licensing, and a site licensing for all manufacturing sites involved in production of the product. Our experts are here to provide support as you step through the application process.

Natural Health Product Services

Natural Health Products Labelling Services:

Our team will review your natural health product labels and packaging to ensure that they comply with all applicable NHP regulations before application to Health Canada.   We will ensure that your label includes required regulatory components for outer and inner product labels, such as ingredient listings and sources, date markings, dosage, potency, duration of use information, manufacturer contact information, claim compliance.

Product license application services

The product license and its corresponding Natural Product Number (NPN) are obtained by submitting a Product License Application (PLA) to Health Canada. We will work with you to verify that your product meets the requirements of the Natural Health Products Regulations pertaining to the safety, efficacy, and quality of the product, along with ensuring that the product meets all labelling and packaging requirements.  We facilitate the submission to Health Canada on your behalf. 

Site license application services

A site license is issued to manufacturers, importers, labellers, and packagers of NHPs for sale in Canada. To obtain this license, a site must provide evidence that it has procedures and processes in place to meet the NHP standards of Canadian Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). We can guide you through the application process, review your documentation, and submit the application on your behalf to Health Canada.

French translation / Graphic design

We can facilitate French translation for your labels using one of our trusted partners.

We can recommend a trusted graphic designer to you to develop your label design and graphics.

Nutrition tip of the week:

Enhance the nutrition power of your recipes.  When a recipe calls for two vegetable or fruit, experiment and add three or four different varieties.  When it call for cream, try using whole milk instead.

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