Health Canada has initiated a consultation about advertising and marketing unhealthy foods and beverages to children. The purpose is to reduce how much advertising children see or hear about unhealthy food and beverages. This is a complicated subject so before action can be taken some questions need to be answered, such as what we mean by unhealthy food and what kind of advertising should be allowed.

They are looking for feedback from all interested Canadians, including any people who:

  • are consumers
  • work in industry
  • work in universities
  • work in health organizations
  • are interested in healthy eating
  • work in any level of government
  • work in non-government organizations

The consultation document is available online between June 10 and July 25, 2017, with more consultation expected in 2018.  This is an important subject that requires input from all Canadians.  If you are interested in providing feedback please complete the online consultation.